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The Ultimate Guide to Finding What You Want in Life and Building The Systems to Get It


A 4-Part Framework To Get More Our Of Life

That allows you to take control of your future while creating more time and less stress, no matter what the world is doing...





  • A 4-Part Framework to get more out of life that allows you to take control of your future while creating more time and less stress, no matter what the world is doing.
  • How to get more done without sacrificing your health or time with family and friends
  • You can jump-start something outside medicine, such as a side hustle or hobby, without feeling like you are “just a doc.”
  • Figure out what you want and build an algorithm to help you make decisions aligned with that life.
  • What to do if you don’t feel qualified or confident enough to start something outside medicine and are perpetually waiting for the “right time.”



Who is this for?

01 Opportunity

“I want to know how having more time would change my life.”

More than just time, being able to know what you want in life and having the time to go after it can help you help more people, diversify your identities and potentially income streams, and create a sense of stability like nothing else

02 Flexbility

“I'm tired of solely spending my time in medicine.”

You crave greater freedom, and you “know” it is not the only option… Get ready to explore what adding more of what you love into the mix could look like for you.

03 Curiosity

“I want to know more about how other people get so much more done.”

Of course, you do! If you’ve been watching from the wings and waiting for your moment, this is it. The best part is I’ll be there LIVE to answer your questions.

04 Stability

“I want to feel less tossed around by the state of the world.”

I hear that, and I want you to know that despite the headlines spelling disaster, recessions are also historically a time of opportunity. Diamonds are made through pressure!

05 Purpose

“I want to build a life on my own terms.”

Ready to take clear steps toward fulfilling your own definition of success instead of everyone else’s. I’ve got you covered and have many examples to share with you from doctors who chose to set their own goalposts.



You're someone who dives headfirst into every endeavor, often sacrificing personal time, health, and mental peace to meet your objectives. 


But then you face an insurmountable pile of goals, get overwhelmed, and never quite reach them.


So now you’ve reached a point where you're questioning if you're heading in the right direction and if all that hard work is translating into genuine personal fulfillment. You're feeling stuck in a rut, investing a great deal of energy into tasks but not truly advancing in a meaningful direction. 


If this resonates with you, then you are in the right place!


Let's do this thing!


A Note From Pranay...

Your personal guide to creating a life where you feel fulfilled, and have MORE time, without added stress—yep even during these turbulent times…

I wish I’d known what I know now back when I was a young attending and wishing for more…


7 years, two 8-figure businesses, top 10% podcast, 1000+ students all the while being a present husband and father to two young sons each under 2.5 years taught me A LOT about how to build an effective life that lights me up.

My mission today is not to teach you to do the same (unless you want to!) but to show you that with the right system, there is a way to make your own definition of success a reality.

There will never be a “perfect” time, so while everyone else is waiting for that golden goose, you can get after it.

The brand-new masterclass is the culmination of the top things I’ve learned in creating and building a rich fulfilled life for the last 7 years. I’m seriously excited to teach you this stuff.

Your chance to build a more resilient life and maybe even side-hustle simply by making a few changes in your life is available to you right now.

You don’t need to know HOW but you do need to have a WHY—if getting more of what you want done sounds like your idea of a worthwhile endeavor.

Can’t wait to see you there!